I offer a variety of web services, but due to my own time limitations, and to avoid a conflict of interest with my job, these services are limited to first party associations only. (Close friends and family.) These services as sold at-cost, I do not make a profit from them.  

I offer webmail hosting through Zoho. Those with the last name of Storrer, Storer, Stöhrer who can demonstrate relation to the Swiss-german family line of Storrers, may obtain a email address. These addresses come with 5gb of storage and cost 14 USD per year, plus tax.  

Currently, domains are not open for email registrations.

WordPress hosting is also available, with varying cost depending upon your needs. The service is provided at-cost for the benefit of US & Brazil based Storrers. This service is for expanding the Storrer name and improving the wealth and prosperity of the family. Eligible members may also have their site linked to on My Things, the Storrer landing page.