Site Update

I know this site has been down for a while. If you are here looking for WGU course advice, know that these articles will be restored soon! Sorry for the temporary disappointment. Between work, school, and a recent relocation, I haven’t been able to keep the site running.

Previously this site was hosted on and old HP Workstation (Ubuntu) on XenServer. I migrated it to ESXI back in the fall and moved the web server VM at that time. Due to my frequent moves, keeping this site online has proved difficult and I’ve moved to a VPS. I switched my mail to Zoho recently for the same reason. Best thing I ever did, and I don’t miss the fan noise.

I found Racknerd to be the most affordable option out there, and I’ve been happy so far. If you decide to check them out, please use my affiliate link, it helps me run this site. It’s way less expensive than Digital Ocean, Linode, etc.

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